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In today’s homily I look at how unusual Christians ought to be with Jesus’ charge to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. That’s pretty unusual.

In this episode of Growing of the Gospel Father Zach dives into Matthew 5:38-48. Jesus challenges his followers to be held to higher standard than the Old Covenant law. Song: Han...

Friends, This week we look at Matthew 5:17-37. A lot to cover because Jesus is not watering down any of his words. Also, I introduce a new musician for the podcast. He will be intr...

In this Homily I look at St Paul talking about knowing Jesus Christ alone and him crucified - learning how to live from there always in light of St Theresa Of Avila and St. Theresa...

This homily was given at Holy Family Parish in Elcho, Wi. Thank you for welcoming me to fill in for Mass.

Song: Your Light Artist: Luke Spehar

Homily for the feast do the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

Song: All is Gift Artist: Luke Spehar

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